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Maplewood On The Lakes is a fantastic neighbourhood to live – water, trees, wildlife, children, parks, playgrounds, bicycles, crickets, birds, family, friendship, schools, neighbours, good will, social activities …. I could go on and on – these are just a few of the reasons why the residents of Maplewood on the Lakes have decided to live here!

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Special Meeting for Maplewood on the Lakes Sunday April 13 at 3PM at the Hammonds Plains Community Centre

2041 Hammonds Plains Road

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  1. L. Fermin Says:

    Hi neighbours,

    I thought I would prepare this email for dissemination through our neighbourhood. I have just spoken with the wildlife staff at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as well as the HRM in regard to tree removal in MicMac park.

    Jeff and I were at the park on Sunday morning and noted that a tree close to the play equipment had been badly scratched to the point of it being unsafe with a risk of it falling. It was clear that this was bear damage. The bear has been around within a 15km radius of us for a couple of months. It is a young bear with an injured right front paw. It has been very well behaved thus far only coming out after dusk but nonetheless it is around. A trap had been set in Whitehills which they will be removing today as it had been ineffective….no kidding. If you would like to volunteer to have the trap placed in your yard you can let them know…I am not kidding. I kindly declined the offer….and we’ll use our two year old as bait while we’re at it…no thank you.

    It is the hope that now that the natural food sources (berries) and such are flourishing in the forest that it will head back into the woods. But there is a chance that its injury may keep it close to easy food sources. Keep all food sources including bird seed and BBQ at bay.

    There have also been Coyote sightings on Cree and MicMac. So far there are no reports of them being out during mid day or having any interest in people. If this changes we are to contact the DNR. Coyotes also have interests in birdseed and the critters that enjoy the birdseed.

    I am attaching a link to their website where you can view a Coyote page and Bear info. You can report any sightings there. They want to know.
    DNR Telephone: Daytime 861-2560
    Afterhours: 1-800-565-2224 website


    Take care and play safe.
    Your Neighbour on Cree St.

  2. Brent Says:

    Fairly large more beige white color walks like a skiddish, hungry lost German Shepard. I hope with coyote problems residents keep their German sheppards on a leash

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