Hammonds Plains Road Meeting Mar 9/10

March 9, 2010 @ St. Margaret’s Bay from 7 to 9 pm!


Maplewood, white hills, and glen arbour had a meeting together – our major concern is the area from pockwock to just pass the glen arbour entrance – we want this area down to 50 km/hr and for it to have a “community” feel


Peter Lund’s secretary is organizing the large public meeting and is waiting to hear back from all parties regarding availability, but it looks like it will be in another 3 -4 weeks from now.
In the meantime I have managed to pressure the mayor into getting me a meeting with Ken Reashor from Traffic and Pat Soanes from Metro Transit on March 3 – just those folks, Lund, MLA Mat W and me. I have a lot of research and information to take with me to the meeting. The main reason for the meeting is to address the section of HPR between Pockwock and Westwood Blvd, so I’d be happy to bring up anything anyone has thoughts or concerns on regarding this section of road.  I will also bring up other areas of concern along HPR to Kingswood if anyone has anything to add.  I have been doing research regarding the whole length of the stretch from Westwood to Kingswood.
I need your input regarding Pockwock/HPR concerns, as well as any others with regards to the section of HPR between Pockwock and Kingswood,as I want to raise those issues when I meet with them too.

From what I can tell from this area, speed limit of 70km is outrageous given the amount of visual stuff there is going on up there and blind corner coming from my end of HPR turning the corner and coming up on the gas station, Bailey’s, school, strip mall, frie station etc., etc  Apparently there was a fatality several years ago, a woman was pulling into gas station and got hit badly as she did – died in hospital.
Traffic in the past refused to lower the speed limit here as there is a school zone which means of course that motorists must go 50km when children are present…but what about the other times and let’s face it – how many people actually even bother going 50km when kids are playing in the school ground?
Other things observed at this intersection are cars pulling around buses when they have stopped to pick up passengers…cars are taking a risk by doing this. Any other observations are welcomed.
Any other items or comments you would like me to add/investigate?
Point of interest – Lucasville Road doesn’t have the volume of vehicles per day as we do, has a lower speed limit, not as many business driveways abutting the main road, no bus stops, but it has street lights on EVERY power pole along that stretch of road, unlike ours, which has – at best – one on every other power pole.  In wintertime with lack of adequate street lighting, narrow road, crests and speed of 70km..we think it could be better.
I have not been able to find ONE other road in HRM which has people waiting for buses along it with speed limit of 80km posted, let alone 90km – that has no street lights (am referring to HPR between Pockwock and Tantallon).  The maximum speed limit I have seen where people wait for buses are in 70km speed limits, but these people have street lights and can be seen by motorists as they walk to the bus stop and wait.  HRM has just under $315,000 unspent in their street lighting budget.  They can use that towards servicing us out here.  Why should we be paying the same taxes and not getting the same primary level 2 services?  Not acceptable.  We just want what every other community in HRM has.
Anyway – sorry for the rant, just wanted to share some thoughts.
Let me know if there is anything else regarding concerns to raise with Traffic etc.

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