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2010 AGM Minutes

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Maplewood on the lakes – Annual general meeting

Hammonds Plains community center/fire hall

Thursday September 23rd 2010 at 8pm

Members present: Paulette Upshall, Bobby O’Keefe, Michele Boone, Ron Jefferson, Gary Russell, Karen Fraser, and Isabel Wynn.

Welcome:  Paulette Upshall welcomed everyone at 8:10 and called the meeting to order.  There were 16 people present.  The same number as last year!   Peter Lund our Municipal Councillor was also present.

Review past minutes:  Minutes from the AGM in 2009 were reviewed.  They were approved by Sara Graven and seconded by Ron Jefferson.

Social update:  This year the social position was vacant and there were no social events.  There was a yard sale organized by Wendy Doane.

Education: Bobby gave an update about the new high school.  The site has been confirmed and is up the Rim building.  The tender has gone out for a 2013 opening.  It may also be a community center.  The boundaries may change for this school.

Water: Ron said there is nothing new information for phase 3 of the water installation.  Peter Lund reported that HRM council is waiting for a report to come back, so they can plan out water service improvements for the next 5 years.  They are looking for problem areas.  There is a problem with the old sewer lines in the city.  They will need to be replaced and it will cost Billions of dollars.  There is talk about water rates going up as much as 40%.  There is concern that they may be trying to recoup some of the sewer replacement cost through a water hike.  Peter said this needs to be clarified.  Peter will follow up with this.

Financial report:  Karen read the financial report.  We have $37,014.92.  The only expenses this year were for rental of the halls for our recreation meeting, our AGM, bank costs, web site costs and the sign clean up and landscaping.  Next spring we should have about $55,264.92.  Motion to approve, by Karen Fraser. Approved by Paulette Upshall and seconded by Isabel Wynn.

Ratepayers: The current rate is $50 to be collected from every lot in the subdivision.  Motion to continue the rate of $50 was made by Ron Jefferson.  It was approved by Karen Fraser and seconded by Gary Russell.  Motion approved.  None opposed.

Web site:  We need a new caretaker and we found a new volunteer.

Sign:  To advertise our community events.  It is available for use to Maplewood.

Felix Pettigrew had some complaints about the Recreation meeting in January.  He felt that the advertising was not sufficient. It was explained that 2 community emails went out and the mic mac sign, the fire hall sign and kynock’s sign were all used.  What more can you do to let people know.

Gary Russell talked about some of the issues he has been working on.  New sidewalks, with a possible cost of $1500 per home.  The lighting is already being improved on the Hammonds plains road.  The speed limit has been reduced by the Yankeetown road. There are other areas that some people would like the speed reduced, but there is not total agreement by all communities.

Peter Lund said the traffic authority is looking at the cross walk at the intersection of pockwock and the Hammond’s Plains road.  This is a very poorly planned intersection.  It is dangerous.  Is a sidewalk needed to keep pedestrians safe?


President: Paulette Upshall

Vice President: Gary Russell

Secretary: Michele Boone

Treasurer/Ratepayers: Dan Northquest

Member at large: Isabel Wynn

Water: Ron Jefferson

Recreation: Jackie and Andy Wilcox

Education: Vacant

Sign and Advertising: Sara Graven

Social:  Angie Garnier?

Website/newsletter: Leanne Beddow

Government/HP community council: Vince Garnier

Youth representative: Abigail Fraser and Katie Morrison

Peter Lund our councillor discussed issues relevant to our community.  The new 4 pad rink on the Hammonds Plains road should be open for business early November.  The problem with this project is that the Feds were going to pay for 1/3 of the project and then they backed out.  It was too late to turn back on the project.  The new high school will be in this area also and they are looking at an artificial turf for the athletic field.  They are looking for volunteers for the 2011 Canada games here next year.  Halifax would like to have 5000 volunteers.  Peter himself is one of the volunteers.  The new Margesen Drive is going to be a controlled access road.  It will start by the new over pass off the 101 highways and come out on to the Lucasville road around the power line road.  It is to help with the traffic and will be able to get on it from Glen arbour and water stone.  There is still a piece of property that they need to acquire and at this point the owner is not interested in selling.  This should be completed in 3 or 4 years.  He discussed buses and transportation and many issues with them.  There is a shortfall in the budget of $33,000,000.  They only increased taxes 1.8-2.1%.  It would have had to be a 6% increase to our taxes to pay for the shortfall in the budget.

The new Greater Hammonds Plains community’s council was discussed.  It will bring more weight when we have an important issue we would like to be brought forward from the area.  A motion was put forward to continue with the committee and to pay the $100 to get the group started.  Approved by Leanne Beddow, seconded by Isabel Wynn.  Motion approved none opposed.

Neighbourhood watch/Citizens on Patrol:  Paulette would like to get this going in our area.  There have been several break ins in Glen Arbour lately.  There are 18 active Citizens on patrol in our area.

Beaver Lake Park:  This is our newest area to be turned into our park.  The voting took place in January.  Paulette reviewed the plans for the new park.  We have all new ideas for this new development.  We are looking at using Green gym equipment.  It would service older children to adults.

Motion made by Karen Fraser to move forward with the Beaver lake park at $100,000.  Approved by Ron Jefferson and seconded by Michele Boone.  Motion approved.  1 Opposed and 1 abstained.

Close:  Motion made by Karen Fraser to adjourn the meeting, Seconded by Gary Russell.  Meeting adjourned at 10:25.  Minutes taken by Michele Boone.