AGM Minutes 2009

Maplewood on the Lakes Resident

Annual General Meeting Outline

Hammonds Plains Firehall

Monday, November 9, 2009 @ 7:30pm

Members present: Paulette Upshall

                                   Bobby O’Keefe

                                    Michele Boone    

 Welcome:  Paulette Upshall welcomed everyone at 7:40 pm and called the meeting to order.  There were 16 people in attendance.

Review past minutes:  Minutes from the past 2008 AGM were reviewed.  Approved by Paulette Upshall and seconded by Darren Skinner.  Minutes approved.

Social update: Paulette read a social updated submitted by Melanie Eason.

Education:  Bobby gave an education report. Talking about the new High School and other issues including a possible boundary change.

Recreation: a report was given on Recreation.  This is a vacant position that needs to be filled.  The new sign is up at the Norman Blvd park and we are looking at thinning the trees for security.

Water:  No report for water.  Peter Lund said there is no new water on the books for Maplewood.

Financial report: Was submitted by Karen Fraser and read by Michele Boone.  Peter Lund questioned the report, but then admitted he may be wrong.  The report said we had $19,076.98.

Web page:  Paulette reported that she needs material to be written to keep the website updated.

Sign: Nothing new.  Sean Litle will be taking over the sign.


President: Paulette Upshall

Vice President: Gary Russell

Secretary: Michele Boone

Treasurer: Vacant Karen Fraser has been doing since no one is in the position

Member at large: Isabell Wynn

                                Al Kay

Water: Ron Jefferson

Recreation/Ratepayers: Darren Skinner

                                            Pat Pilgrim/Betts Tomlinson

Education: Bobby O’Keefe

Signage and Advertising: Sean Litle

Social Committee: Melanie Eason and Tracey Simpson

Newsletter/Web site/Social media: Paulette Upshall

Youth representative: vacant

Community Issues: Gary Russell


Ratepayers: The current rate is $50 to be collected from every lot.  Motion to continue the rate at $50 was made by Paulette Upshall.  It was seconded by Darren skinner.  Motion approved.  None opposed.

Our new MLA Matt Whynott was in attendance and had a lot of valuable information.  He talked about the new High School in Bedford.  It is to be open in January 2013.  He talked about the Hammonds Plains road and the safety concerns for it.  It is a very expensive problem to fix.  The new road that is being put in Margeson Drive.  It will be an outlet for many of us in about 3-4 years.  New buses needed in Hammonds Plains.  The new Bedford West subdivision will be adding 20,000 new homes.

Our Municipal Councillor Peter Lund was at our meeting and also had some great information.  People were able to ask our politicians questions and voice any concerns they had.  We talked about the new tax reform and all of us learned valuable information.  The cap that now exists on our property tax is removed once you apply for a new building permit.  If you have any issues you need dealt with call HRM.  Their call center will take information and send it on to the department that is responsible for the issue. 

December 2nd there is a public forum on windmills in HRM.  SMB center 7-9pm.

December 9th SMB center there will be a town hall meeting from the RCMP.

Dan Coffey from the White Hills board was in attendance at our meeting.  They have a large Canada party and it was discussed if we would like to be involved.  It sounded like a great idea.

Close: Motion made by Al Kay to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Terry Mcpherson.  Meeting adjourned at 9:45.

Minutes taken by and typed by Michele Boone


President Paulette Upshall
Vice President  Gary Russell
Secretary  Michelle Boone
Treasurer  OPEN
Members at Large Isabell Wynn
Members at Large  Al Kay
City Water Ron Jefferson
Ratepayers Darren Skinner
Recreation Pat Pilgrim/Betts Tomlinson
Education Bobby O’Keefe
Signage & Advertising Sean Litle
Social Committee OPEN
Newsletter/Website/Social Media Paulette Upshall
Youth Representative OPEN
Community Issues Gary Russell


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