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The “Maplewood on the Lakes” website is here for the members of our subdivision and of course those interested in our subdivision.

If you would like to submit pictures or an article, please send it to my attention for review and posting. Please note that this website is child-friendly and will only post appropriate items. As well, should you wish to post pictures of people, written consent must be received for each person featured in the picture.

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  1. Linda Shea-White Says:

    I noticed mention of the thinning of trees around Patterson Park in order to better see and hear what goes on there. My property borders that park and I am NOT interested in losing more trees and privacy. Please keep me informed of anything happening regarding that.

    Thank you.

  2. paulette Says:

    Hi Linda – I do believe the thinning of any trees will be completed to the front of the property fo the safety of the people using the park.


  3. Andy Pearce Says:

    We have spotted a Coyote or very large fox on our property under our Shed, please let people know to keep cats and dogs indoors until we get it sorted out.

    Regards Andy Pearce

    241 Halfway Lake Dr

  4. Sarah Graven Says:

    We found a lost dog this new years, just after midnight. He’s a very old golden retriever. He has a collar but no tags. He has calloused areas on his elbows. Please call Sarah, 832-4590.

  5. Sarah Graven Says:

    We found the owner of the golden retriever this morning while walking the dog. The dog’s name is Denver, he’s 12 years old and his “Daddy” Mike was very happy to reunite with him as were we all. Happy New Year!

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